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Mayor Jim Baldassare is seeking reelection to a second three-year term on the Bernards Township Committee. Jim and his wife Tracy are well-known in Bernards Township, having both been born and raised in town. In addition, Tracy Baldassare has kept our community safe by serving on the township police force for many years.

Mayor Baldassare possesses an incredibly diverse and proud background which uniquely suits him to lead our township during these difficult times. He is a proud veteran, having served in the United States Marine Corps, where he graduated first in his class from Parris Island. He attended Northeastern University where he studied economics and has over thirty years of experience in the contract surety industry from both surety company and agency perspectives. As an executive, his responsibilities include underwriting and managing surety programs, managing a team of professionals, performing extensive financial and management analyses, as well as expanding and growing business opportunities.

On the Township Committee, Jim has previously served as Deputy Mayor and as the Mayor’s Designee on the Bernards Township Planning Board and as Vice Chairman of the Bernards Township Zoning Board of Adjustment. In fulfilling his responsibilities on the planning and zoning boards, Jim worked on the implementation of the municipality's Master Plan and associated capital improvement plans, and reviewed and acted upon applications for site plans, and subdivisions, and variances.

Jim and Tracy Baldassare lead busy lives as working parents and love raising their children in our great town. The Baldassare’s have six children and family life is what is most important to them. What many people might not know is that Jim became an instant father to four of his children (Brooke, Jake, Cassidy, and Amanda) at the ages of 11, 13, 14 and 17. Tracy recalls: “From minute one he loved them unconditionally. He jumped in with both feet into the challenges that came along with four children, basically all teenagers. Children that were used to it being just "them and mom". Yet it never seemed like a challenge for him. Jim's instant love and support transformed us into a new family, and eventually an even bigger one after Nick and Franki were born (and still even bigger with the impending arrival of their first grandchild in a few weeks!).

There's no hiding how Jim feels about all of his children. “It was in his eyes when Amanda asked us both to walk her down the aisle and it was in his voice when he told Cassidy he can't wait to be called "Grandpa". It was in his staunch look of pride while watching Jake finish up Air Force BMT as an Honor Grad and it was in his hug as he said goodbye to Brooke as she first left for college. And it's in every throw he tosses the little ones around our modest backyard pool while they laugh and scream for more. Jim's commitment to our family, as all of his commitments are unwavering” notes Tracy.


Raising a family and being a father, husband, Mayor and full-time corporate executive are of course serious business. But Jim ‘s sense of humor and positive outlook on life is part of who he is. Jim used to do stand-up comedy and has been the lead singer in a few different bands over the years. Given the chance, he'll sing Frank Sinatra songs just about any time, and he can make a good-natured joke out of pretty much anything.

In these trying times, Bernards Township deserves a Mayor that has the right mix of leadership and experience. Mayor Jim Baldassare brings all of this and more to the table and humbly seeks your support for a second term on the Bernards Township Committee.


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